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Originating in Norway, Redcord is a very new assessment and treatment tool in our Canadian physiotherapy world. The use of suspension to isolate and activate “lazy” muscles might be what is missing on your journey to recovery or wellness.

We are excited to be offering Redcord in Calgary for treatment of pain and injuries. We are a progressive, dynamic, multi-disciplinary clinic with a common goal of making you feel better.  Redcord might just be for you.  

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“More than 75 research studies involving Redcord have been published to support its role in physical therapy, fitness, and sports performance training. Redcord has become the global leader in suspension-based therapy exercise. With 25 years of research, development and utilization by physical therapists around the world, Redcord now comprises the most comprehensive collection of suspension exercise equipment and training solutions available in the industry.” – from redcord.us


Rotation is an integral component of everyday movement. The Redcord AXIS works on a unique pulley system, allowing us to incorporate rotation into the treatment program. By working on rotation, we are able to increase spinal mobility and progress strengthening exercises that are fundamental to improving your day-to-day activities.
The Redcord STIMULA is a vibration device attached to the ropes of the Redcord system to increase the amount of vibration to a treatment area. We use vibration to help activate muscles that have been inhibited, often due to pain or compensatory movement. The vibration helps to send a message to the muscles, which boosts the activation success.
  • “Redcord treatments provided me with increased mobility and decreased pain prior to my hip replacement surgery.  This pre-surgery treatment greatly enhanced my post-surgery recovery, and  I recommend this treatment to everyone who is considering hip or knee replacement surgery.”

  • “Redcord has helped me to activate the proper muscles needed to ensure I am running more efficiently and has helped me become a less injury-prone runner.  Redcord has also given me the ability to listen to my body and to be more aware when muscles are trying to compensate for weaker or tighter muscles so I can be proactive in correcting issues before they become injuries.”

    Laurel R
  • “I was suffering from a very challenging, painful case of sciatica for almost a year.  With Redcord’s unique therapy,  I was shocked to learn that my butt pain was, in fact, a weak, inactive lower abdominal muscle. In one session, we determined the weak link, reactivated the muscle, strengthened/exercised some surrounding support muscles, and I walked out the door feeling 80-90% better.”

  • “My physiotherapist has been using Redcord to augment my therapy.  This targeted strengthening helps me isolate and strengthen the muscles that I need for running and for daily activity – reducing my healing time after injury and preventing recurrence.  I have and continue to recommend my therapist and Redcord to anyone who needs physiotherapy.”

    Laura C

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